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Beer School at Belmont Station

Join Belmont Station and Master Cicerone® Rich Higgins for a special day of tasting seminars and sensory training on beer! Rich is one of 18 Master Cicerones® in the world, a former brewmaster, and a Certified Sommelier. He has taught over 100 beer classes in San Francisco, New York City, Washington DC, London, and Hong Kong. His classes are always super fun and incredibly informative.

The afternoon is broken down into two different classes:

Session 1: Beer Off-Flavors Seminar - Advanced 12
1:00-3:00 PM, $75

Learn to identify 12 common beer off-flavors, then test yourself in a blind tasting! All 12 flavors tasted TWICE.

Session 2: Deductive Beer Tasting Method
3:30-6:00 PM, $60

Improve your palate and taste all that beer has to say! Eye-opening, essential class for all beer tasters, from novice to advanced. Includes downloadable Guide to the Method.

***Beer School Discounted Combo Ticket: $115 (a savings of $20!)
Includes both sessions, plus a meet-and-greet at the end of the day to chat with Rich

Beer School is perfect for beer geeks, Cicerone® and BJCP candidates, homebrewers, pro brewers, and anyone who wants to learn more about beer!

Makes the perfect gift for the beer fans in your life!

Just in time for the upcoming February Portland Certified Cicerone® Exam -- the perfect way to master the material!


Session 1: Beer Off-Flavors Seminar - Advanced 12
Sat, Jan 26, 2019, 1:00-3:00 PM, $75

An information-packed examination of 12 common beer off-flavors. This combo workshop-and-tasting-quiz covers the 12 beer off-flavors listed in the Advanced Cicerone® Syllabus, with discussion of each compound’s flavor and aroma profile, source, and appropriateness. Each off-flavor is served and evaluated TWICE: first, during individual evaluation with discussion; second, during a blind taste test of all of the off-flavors plus a control beer. No prior beer knowledge necessary, but any prior understanding of brewing and fermentation will help you.

Beer is a beautiful, natural product. But how it’s brewed, aged, and handled can affect its flavor, sometimes creating faults and flaws that are called off-flavors. Informed drinkers, Cicerones®, and brewers must know how to taste them and prevent them from occurring! (Don't worry -- Rich makes learning these bizarre-but-common flavors as fun as possible!)

Off-Flavors Sampled (12): acetaldehyde (green apple), acetic acid (vinegar), chlorophenols (antiseptic), diacetyl (butter), DMS (cooked veggies), H2S (hard cooked eggs), isovaleric acid (sweaty socks), lactic acid (sourdough), lightstruck (skunky), mercaptan (drain), metallic, and trans-2-nonenal (papery oxidation) — YUM!

Session 2: Deductive Beer Tasting Method
Sat, Jan 26, 2019, 3:30-6:00 PM, $60

Learn more from every beer you taste and notice all that beer has to say! Join Rich to learn a Deductive Beer Tasting Method that lets you “look under the hood” to understand every beer you taste and deduce how it was made. In this seminar, you'll learn the route to honing your palate, building rich and accurate descriptors, isolating beer traits, deducing ingredients and techniques, connecting the dots between traits, technique, and quality. It’ll allow you to learn even more from beer -- and it’s like getting to know an old friend all over again!

An essential class for all beer drinkers and brewers, whether you’re a novice learning to tell the difference between an ale and a lager, or an advanced taster differentiating between a Düsseldorf Altbier or a Cali Common. Ticket includes download access to the Method's Tasting Grid and Companion Guide.

Get more information and purchase tickets here:

Class attendance is limited to 24 participants, so make sure to get your tickets soon!