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For the Love of Lagers: pFriem & pFriends

There's a reason the Northwest is leading the new wave of lagers: we have brewers with amazing lager pedigrees!

Join us as we explore lager offerings from three of the Northwest's leading lager producers: pFriem, Wayfinder and Chuckanut. Josh Pfriem and Kevin Davey of Wayfinder will both be on-site to help us celebrate these amazing lagers. Coincidentally, they both cut their lagering teeth at ... Chuckanut! Proof again that it's not a small world, just a large brewpub!

Lagers being poured:

~pFriem Mexican Lager

~pFriem Pilsner

~pFriem pFriem Cereveza Negra

~pFriem Japanese Lager

~pFriem Helles

~pFriem Kolsch

~Chuckanut Gerste Lager

~Chuckanut Marzen

~Wayfinder Hell

~Wayfinder Hidden Hand Cerne Pivo (Czech Black Lager)

**While not a lager, pFriem's award-winning Nectarine Golden Ale will also make a special appearance!