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Bent Over a Barrel with Breakside and Portland Cider Co

Cider meets beer in this love story that goes back at least two years. That's when Portland Cider Co. decided to fill a few Breakside anniversary barrels with some tasty cider. The result was so delicious, they did it again last year. The results are two very rare draft ciders that also are quite different -- from each other and from other beers or ciders!

Come taste both ciders, plus a handful of Breakside barrel-aged beers on draft:

  • Portland Cider Co. Ocular Patdown (Breakside Beer Barrel Project #1)
  • Portland Cider Co. Breakside Beer Barrel Project #2 (blended with peach puree)
  • Breakside Dog & Pony Show (Belmont Station 20th Anniversary Ale)
  • Breakside Bourbon Barrel-Aged Aztec Strong Ale
  • Breakside 4th Wave Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee Vienna Lager
  • Breakside Big Bug Hunter gin-barrel-aged sour conditioned with peaches