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Phobos Single Hop Red Appreciation Party

  • Belmont Station 4500 SE Stark St Portland, OR USA (map)

We are throwing a party for Ecliptic’s Phobos Single Hop Red Ale with some fun draft variants and Phobos Single Hop Red in CANS for the first time ever (and maybe the last).

This beer is a favorite of our General Manager Captain Neil. To show you how much Capt. Neil loves it, he came up with some fun draft variations to help you make your own realization about how good this beer is and can be.

  • Phobos Single Hop Red - Classic version

  • Phobos Single Hop Red - Cask Conditioned

  • Dry-hopped Phobos - w/ Citra & Mosaic

  • Chili Phobos - w/ Chipotle & Jalapeno (Served bar top)

  • Fruited Phobos - w/ Raspberries (Served bar top)

In the words of Captain Neil. “Excuse my rant. I wanted to share with YOU, my love for this wondrous beer. A malt forward, balanced, and drinkable, hoppy red ale that hits all the right spots with every sip. In a time when consumers want the new, new, new and when it becomes harder to find something like this (a balanced, hoppy red ale) it’s good to remember the style that got you into this whole craft beer thing. I brainstormed these variations up to make things fun and to play around with the versatility of this beer — also to show you that even a red/amber style beer can be the new, new, new.

So, join me and the good folks of Ecliptic Brewing in celebration of things to come and things that will never be forgotten. Thank you and I hope to see you here. Cheers!