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Jester King Exclusive Bottles & Special Drafts

Over the last few years we’ve seen a number of Jester King’s bottles come and go from our shelves, and we are excited and humbled for another opportunity to showcase some of the country's best farmhouse beers to the Oregon market.

We will have a few special kegs as well as some rare and very special, ON-SITE ONLY bottles for your imbibing pleasure.

The draft list will include the following:

  • La Vie en Rose - An ale re-fermented w/ "spent" raspberries

  • Kollaborations - A hoppy pilz wort from Live Oak fermented w/ Jester King’s mixed culture

The ON-SITE ONLY bottles will be:

  • Spon - 2017 (5th) Three Year Blend

  • Spon - 2018 Raspberry & Cherry

These bottles are extremely limited so get here ASAP so you can enjoy one of the most unique "Méthode Gueuze" beers produced in the country.