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An Introduction Garden Path Fermentation

We are excited to help introduce Garden Path Fermentation to Oregon. We will be pouring four beverages in the Biercafe, and we will have a small selection of bottles in the bottle shop to go.

Since we are not too familiar with Garden Path Fermentation, we’ll let them share a bit of history and what they’re all about in their words:

Garden Path Fermentation’s co-creators, Ron Extract and Amber Watts, have a long history in the brewing industry. Most recently, they were at Jester King Brewery in Austin, TX, where Ron was an owner and managing partner, and Amber helped manage the tasting room and front office. While it was inspiring to be part of the team that helped Jester King grow into a world-class farmhouse brewery, Ron and Amber were ready to start their own project from the ground up.

Garden Path Fermentation is a brewery/winery/cidery/meadery in beautiful Skagit County in the far northwest corner of Washington State. We focus on the slow fermentation of local products—Skagit grains, honey, and fruit, and Northwest hops—all of which are fermented in oak with our native yeast culture cultivated from the air, flowers, and fruits of the Skagit Valley.

Draft list will include:

  • The Garden Paths Led to Flowered

  • The Subtle Blend Raspberry Barrels

  • The Dry Hopped Streams Well

  • The Curious Mix Methods

Bottle offerings will include:

  • The Curious Mix Methods

  • The Dry Table Mead

  • The Garden Path Led to Flowered

Ron and Amber will be here to take you on a guided tour of their fermented products. Look closely, we have a mead on the list.

The guided tasting is open to anyone. Simply purchase a flight at the bar in the Biercafe and join us on the back patio. Tasting will start around 5:30 in our covered and heated back patio. Ron and Amber will walk you down the path, sharing stories of inspiration and talk a bit about the beverages themselves.