Hello everyone! New week means new beer! Here is your list...

New Beer:

  • Modern Times Orderville - Hazy mosaic IPA (NOW IN 4pk CANS!!!)
  • Modern Times Havnor - New Wave IPA
  • Block 15 DAB LAB:Juice Joint - IPA
  • Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad - Quadruple ale aged in Bourbon barrels (NOW IN 4pks!!!)
  • Boulevard Rye On Rye - American strong rye ale aged in rye whiskey barrels 
  • Reubens Blimey That's Bitter - Triple IPA 
  • Fremont Mountain Daisy - IPA
  • Ground Breaker Paddy Porter - Gluten free porter
  • Ordnance Big & Grizzly - Imperial braggot 
  • Ordnance 16 - Quadruple ale 
  • Ordnance Blackfisky II - Imperial stout

New Cider:

  • Seattle Cider Co. Gin Botanical - Dry cider fermented with spent gin botanicals
  • Crispin Rose - Blend of apples and pears with rose petals and hibiscus 
  • Cascadia Ciderworks Berry - Made with a blend of Blackberry, Blueberry & Cranberry 

Back In Stock:

  • Boulevard Whiskey Stout
  • Modern Times Fortunate Islands
  • Modern Times City Of The Sun
  • Georgetown Bodhizafa
  • Georgetown Lucille
  • Revision Planetary Fog
  • Reubens Bits & Bobs
  • Epic Hopulent


New Beer:

  • Crooked Stave IPA - IPA (Now in 6pk CANS!!!)
  • Crooked Stave Von Pilsner - Keller pilsner (Now in 6pk CANS!!!)
  • Crooked Stave Hop Savant - IPA with brettanomyces (Now in 6pk CANS!!!)
  • Crooked Stave St. Bretta - Citrus saison (Now in 6pk CANS!!!)
  • Crooked Stave Wild Sage - Brett saison (Now in 6pk CANS!!!)
  • 3 Magnets 3 Is A MAGic Number - Triple IPA
  • 3 Magnets Ledge Sesh - IPA
  • 3 Magnets Keep It Like Vic Secret - Double IPA
  • Stillwater Hopvine Bling - Dry hopped berliner style with Sauvignon Blanc grapes
  • Stillwater Oude Bae - Sour with Pinot Noir grapes and aged on French Oak 
  • Evil Twin Coffenade - IPA with lemon and coffee 
  • Evil Twin Ceci N'est Pas A NE Style IPA - Hazy IPA
  • Off Color Known Gnome - Old timey porter with Quassia Bark and Licorice root 
  • Off Color Scurry - Dark honey ale 
  • Off Color Barrel Aged Growl - Quadruple ale aged in rye whiskey barrels 
  • Marz Diliner Weiss - Berliner weiss with dill 
  • Sixpoint Hi-Res - Triple IPA
  • Anchor Liberty Ale - IPA (Now in 6pk CANS!!!)
  • Oakshire Doggerland - Baltic porter 
  • Old Town Pilsner - Pre prohibition lager
  • Gigantic Mystery Cloud - Hazy IPA
  • Ecliptic Oort - Imperial stout
  • pFriem Rum Barrel Aged Porter
  • Urban Family Duality - Foeder aged sour ale with nectarines

New Cider:

  • Schilling Emerald City - Blackberry pear cider 

Back In Stock:

  • Ecliptic Phaser
  • Omnipollo NOA
  • Decadent Multiflora
  • Matchless All Fluff
  • Victor 23 Jet Fuel


New Beer:

  • Victory Kirsch Gose - Sour cherry bier (NOW IN 6pk CANS!!!)
  • Reuben's Bits & Bobs - IPA 
  • pFriem Golden Coffee - Pale ale with Kenyan coffee 
  • Breakside Salted Caramel Stout - Stout brewed with salt & caramel in collaboration with Salt & Straw 
  • Logsdon Table Bretta - Farmhouse ale with brettanomyces 
  • Sierra Nevada Experimental Hop Pack - 12pk of cans with all new experimental hop beers 

Back In Stock:

  • pFriem Mosaic
  • Georgetown Bodhizafa
  • Locust Cider Thai Ginger
  • Ghostfish Wathcstander
  • Lompoc Lomporter


Hello everyone! Welcome to the last list of new beer for this week. Plenty of new beers. So here it is...

New Beer:

  • 3 Weavers Expatriate - IPA
  • 3 Weavers Seafarer - Kolsch 
  • 3 Weavers Midnight Flight - Imperial stout
  • Stone Loral & Dr. Rudi's Inevitable Adventure - Double IPA 
  • Oakshire Lagerbier - Lager
  • Belching Beaver Mosaic - Single hop IPA
  • Pelican Beak Bender - IPA
  • Knee Deep Lupulin River - Imperial IPA (NOW IN 4pk CANS!!!)
  • Knee Deep Man Juice - Mandarin orange IPA 
  • Clown Shoes Space Cake - Double IPA 
  • Clown Shoes Undead Party Crasher - Imperial stout (NOW IN 4pk CANS!!!)
  • Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero - Mexican style chocolate stout (NOW IN 4pk CANS!!!)
  • Revision Planetary Fog - Hazy double IPA
  • Revision Gimme Da Loot - Hazy IPA
  • Firestone Walker Leo V. Ursus: Wookus - Imperial black IPA
  • Firestone Walker NITRO Merlin - Milk stout 
  • Urban Family Preservation - Sour ale with raspberries & blackberries 
  • pFriem Bailey's Taproom 10th Anniversary - Barrel aged Belgian pale 
  • pFriem Belgian Style Blonde Ale
  • pFriem Hoppy Belgian Style Ale
  • Pelican Father Of All Tsunamis - Imperial stout aged in rye whiskey barrels 
  • Fort George Matryoshka - Barrel aged Russian imperial stout 

New Cider:

  • Finnriver Solstice Saffron - with Saffron, toasted fennel & Star Anise 


Hello everyone. New beer, new list, come check it out!

New Beer:

  • Riverbend Life's A Peach & Then You Die - Peach milkshake IPA
  • Riverbend Hawaiian Crunk - Passionfruit, orange & guava milkshake IPA
  • Ecliptic Barrel Aged Oort - Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels 
  • Belching Beaver Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout - Milk stout w/ peanut butter, cinnamon & chocolate
  • HUB Walla Walla Wheatwine - Wheatwine style ale 
  • Ex Novo We're Gunna Need A Bigger Boat - New England style IPA
  • Ninkasi Pacific Rain - Northwest pale ale (NOW IN 12pk CANS!!!)

Back In Stock:

  • Sierra Nevada Torpedo - Extra IPA (NOW IN 4pk CANS!!!)
  • Fremont Stone Squirrel
  • Ecliptic Phaser
  • Belching Beaver Phantom Bride
  • Culmination Phaedrus


Hello everyone! Not a lot of new things today. But plenty of beers back in stock. Here is your list...

New Beer:

  • Upright Jacaranda - Aromatic modern saison with a bright fermentation profile and oil rich hop character. Brewed in collaboration with Superflux beer company
  • Matchless All Fluff - Hazy IPA
  • Fremont Head Full Of Dynomite - Hazy IPA

New Cider:

  • Wildcraft Aronia Berry - Dry wild fermented cider with Aronia berry 
  • Double Mountain Oak Aged Dry Cider - Dry cider aged in brandy and whiskey casks 

Back In Stock:

  • Fremont Dark Star
  • Southern Tier 2X Stout
  • Matchless Pilsner
  • Mazama Experimental Juicy IPA
  • Grolsch 


Hello everyone! A new Tuesday means new beer!! Here is your list...

New Beer:

  • Ancestry North Beast - Hazy imperial IPA 
  • Laurelwood Moose & Squirrel - Imperial stout
  • Laurelwood Megafauna - Imperial IPA
  • Breakside The Pathfinder - Imperial IPA aged in Gin barrels 
  • Occidental Lucubrator - Doppelbock 
  • Reubens Imperial Oatmeal Stout - Oatmeal stout 
  • 10 Barrel Goggle Tan - Red IPA
  • Full Sail Slipknot - IPA 

New Cider:

  • 2 Towns Pacific Pineapple - Unfiltered pineapple cider 


Hello everyone! A new weekend ahead and new beer today. A bunch of awesome stuff came in today. Here is your list!


  • Elysian The Fix - Chocolate coffee imperial stout
  • Moonshrimp/Bierly Dubbel - A collaBEERation gluten free dubbel 
  • Crux Coco(A) Stout - A desert like stout 
  • Buoy Dunkel - Dark lager 
  • Stiegl Sonnenkonig III - Double chocolate oatmeal porter aged in plum Schnaps barrels 
  • Propolis Chaga - Farmhouse stout with Chaga mushrooms and walnut 
  • Loowit Dwarven Forge - Barrel aged imperial red
  • Urban Family Pinot Cuvee - Sour ale with foraged wine grapes 
  • Logsdon Krieke Vier - Ale aged in bourbon barrels with cherries 
  • Cascade Brewing Sang Rouge - Red ale aged in oak wine casks 
  • Cascade Brewing Midnight Bramble - Barrel aged wheat & blond ales w/ raspberries, ginger & thyme
  • Great Divide Claymore - Scotch ale (NOW IN 6pk CANS!!!)
  • Mother Earth Kismet - IPA
  • Woodland Empire Parallel Or Together - Double IPA
  • Baerlic Dark Thoughts - Black IPA (NOW IN 4pk CANS!!!)
  • Baerlic What The Fluff - Hazy IPA (NOW IN 4pk CANS!!!)
  • Lagunitas Sumpin' Easy - Pale ale (NOW IN 12oz CANS!!!)
  • Firestone Walker 805 - American Blonde ale 


  • Modern Times Black House
  • Laurelwood Workhorse
  • Fort George Fields Of Green
  • Lagunitas Willettized

NEW ARRIVALS -- Tuesday May 16th, 2017

Hello everyone!! We are back with a whole new list of awesome beers!

Here they are...

New Beer

  • Coronado Coastwise - Session IPA
  • Klamath Basin Backroad Vanilla Porter - Porter brewed with vanilla beans
  • Backwoods Gifford Pinchot - Pilsner
  • Unibroue Ephemere Sureau - Ale brewed with elderberry juice and flowers and spices
  • Pelican Doryman's Dark - Dark ale
  • Gilgamesh Rhubarb Som Shandy - Created by Pok Pok chef Andy Ricker
  • Stickmen Kissed By Melons - Sour ale with fruit
  • Stickmen F-Bomb - IPA
  • Cascade Brewing Tangerine Dream - Barrel aged quad and blonde ales w/ tangerines
  • Stillwater Stateside - Saison 
  • Stillwater Shoegaze - Farmhouse ale
  • Evil Twin Tropical Itch - Berliner weisse with passionfruit 
  • Buxton/Stillwater Subluminal - Imperial stout

Back In Stock

  • Firestone Walker Bretta Rose - Wild ale fermented with raspberries
  • Upright Sideline - Saison