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New Beer:

  • Paradox Future Knowledge - Tart farmhouse golden ale 100% oak foeder free-rise solera with Brettanomyces 
  • Paradox B'aril Blood - Wild sour with pomegranate juice & tangerine peels aged in oak barrels
  • Paradox Salty Lemons - Wild sour with meyer lemons, pink salt & black peppercorns aged in wine barrels
  • Paradox Arno Pommer - Wild sour with black tea & dry hopped with lemon drop hops. Aged in oak barrels 
  • Paradox Cafe Vibrante - Wild sour with coffee & Ceylon cinnamon aged in oak barrels 
  • TRVE Buried Sun - Mixed culture French style farmhouse 
  • TRVE The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull - Mixed culture saison with Colorado & Missouri honeys. Brewed in collaboration with Perennial Artisan Ales
  • TRVE Ancient Bole - Foeder fermented saison. Dry-hopped with El Dorado hops 
  • TRVE Esprit de Corpse: II - Blended mixed culture ale. Brewed in collaboration with OMF Brewing
  • TRVE Life's Trade - Farmhouse ale fermented in Puncheons 
  • TRVE Restarter - Mixed culture golden ale aged on second use peaches, plums & cherries 
  • Wander Champagne Toast - Berliner Weisse soured in oak foeders 
  • Wander Raspberry Champagne Toast - Berliner Weisse soured in oak foeders & aged on local raspberries 
  • Wander Plum Millie - American sour ale brewed with plums 
  • Wander Global Mutt - Baltic porter with coffee beans, cocoa & chocolate 
  • Wander Thunderboom - Hazy double IPA 
  • Wander Doglost Pilsner - Pilsner 
  • Ex Novo In A Can Down By The River! - Hazy IPA
  • Ex Novo CoCoGoNuts - Barrel aged imperial stout with Agostoni cacao, coconut, sea salt & vanilla 
  • Ex Novo Quattour - Fourth anniversary sour aged in Chardonnay barrels with peaches 
  • The Rare Barrel Tiki Party - Golden sour aged in oak barrels with mango, pink guava, passion fruit, Azacca & Rakau 
  • The Rare Barrel Ensorcelled - Dark sour aged in bourbon barrels with raspberries 
  • HUB Honey Lager - Crisp lager with local blueberry honey 
  • Clown Shoes Rexx - Imperial red ale aged in bourbon barrels 
  • Fremont The Brother - Imperial IPA
  • Left Hand Peach Beerlini - Radler with peaches 
  • Worthy Strata - IPA (NOW IN 6pk CANS!!!)
  • Firestone Walker Leo V. Ursus: Doublus - Unfiltered double IPA

New Cider:

  • Tumalo Prickly Passion - Semi sweet with prickly pear and passion fruit