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New Arrivals for Tuesday April 11th, 2017!!

Hello everyone! And welcome back to another round of New Arrivals!! A BUNCH of new things came in today so let's get right to it...

New Beer:

  • Gigantic Hop Dippa 2: Belmont Boogaloo - Dip hopped session pale made for Belmont Stations 20th anniversary!!
  • North Coast Tart Cherry Berliner Weisse
  • Knee Deep Imperial Tanilla - Aged in whiskey barrels
  • Knee Deep Belgian Style Dubbel Ale - Aged in whiskey barrels 
  • pFriem Helles
  • Upright Anniversary - Saison 
  • Off Color Dino Smores - Imperial marsh mellow stout
  • Off Color Coffee Dino Smores - Imperial coffee marsh mellow stout
  • Full Sail Hop Shooter - IPA
  • Lagunitas Lucky 13 - A mondo large red ale
  • Pelican Dirty Bird - Northwest IPA
  • Elysian Superfuzz - Blood orange pale ale
  • The Commons/Grains of Wrath Pay No Attention To This IPA - IPA w/Vic secret, Denali, Citra & Waimea hops
  • 21st Amendment Blah Blah Blah - IPA
  • 21st Amendment Hell Or High Watermelon - Wheat beer with watermelon 
  • Pyramid Citrus Outburst IPA with orange peel and tangerine peel 
  • 3 Magnets Rainstorm - Stormy IPA
  • 3 Magnets Sunstorm - Stormy IPA
  • 3 Magnets Mt. Kenya - IPA with single origin Kenyan coffee

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