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New Arrivals for Tuesday July 12th, 2016!!

Hello beer folks!! Here is the updated list for today!!


New Beer:

  • Woodland Empire Mr. Brett - 100% brett fermented saison
  • Urban Family Harmony of Spheres - Wine barrel aged w/ blueberries and cherries
  • Urban Family Kriek
  • Rodenbach Alexander - Oak aged w/ sour cherries
  • Ballast Point Barmy - Golden ale w/ apricot and honey
  • Anchor Summer Wheat
  • Ballast Point Grunion - Pale ale (NOW IN CANS!!)
  • Coronado 20th Anniversary - Imperial IPA
  • Stone "Who you callin' a wussie?" - Pilsner 
  • Payette Blood Orange Rustler - Blood orange IPA
  • White Claw Lime - Spiked sparkling water w/ lime

New Cider:

  • 2 Towns Outcider - Unfiltered w/ jonagold apples (NOW IN CANS!!)
  • 2 Towns Maid Marion - Blackberry 
  • 2 Towns Cot In The Act - Unfiltered w/ apricot 

Back In Stock:

  • Block 15 Sticky Hands (Sooo Fresh!!)
  • Block 15 Anthem Of The Sun - Sour Golden Ale

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Today's Draft List Below: **Beers listed in the Featured section below are also available for growler fills!**

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