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New Arrivals for Tuesday April 21, 2015

Happy 4...21? Ah well, close enough. We have Lagunitas Waldo on tap, and we received a bunch of "dank" and "sticky" new beers today, so check out the list!

New beer/cider:

  • Stone Bourbon Barrel-aged Arrogant Bastard - If you have to ask what this is, you aren't worthy.
  • Stone Ruination 2.0 - The king is dead! Long live the king!
  • Stone Pale 2.0 - Stone killed off their original beer and made a new one with Mandarina Bavaria hops
  • Sun King Osiris - Pale Ale
  • Sun King Sunrise - Cream Ale
  • Sun King Wee Mac - Scottish Brown Ale
  • Hopworks Belgian Red Apple Ale - Belgian Abbey ale fermented with apple juice
  • Mad River Kickstart - Imperial Coffe Porter
  • Off Color Bare Beer - Finnish-style Sahti
  • Shiner Prickly Pear - Lager brewed with prickly pear juice and Citra hops
  • O'hara's Irish Red - Irish Red Ale
  • O'hara's Irish Stout - Irish Dry Stout
  • Rogue 7 Hop Cider - Cider dry-hopped with 7 different hop varieties grown on Rogue's farms.


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Today's Draft List Below: **Beers listed in the Featured section below are also available for growler fills!**

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