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New Arrivals for Friday July 19, 2013

Happy Friday beer lovers! Puckerfest may be over, but for at least the next few days we'll continue pouring through the things on tap, so if you haven't had your fill you should stop on by and try one of the 16 delicious wild, funky beers still on tap.  We also received a handful of new things today, so be sure to peruse the bottle selection while you're here.

New Beer:

  • Schooner Exact Hopvine - IPA brewed with Chinook, Columbus, and loads of Citra hops
  • Jolly Pumpkin IO Saison - Saison brewed with rose petals, rose hips, and hibiscus
  • Weltenberger Barock Dunkel - Dunkel Lager
  • Fruh Kolsch
  • Schwaben Brau Schwarzbier
  • HUB IPX (Centennial) - Single Hop IPA brewed with Centennial hops
  • HUB Pig War - White IPA
  • New Belgium French Aramis IPA - Single Hop IPA brewed with French Aramis hops
  • New Planet Belgian Ale - Belgian-style Gluten-free Ale
  • Sam Smith's Yorkshire Stingo - English Strong Ale

Back in stock:

  • Widmer Nelson Imperial IPA
  • Lagunitas Pale Ale
  • Anchor Small Beer
  • Elysian Loser Pale Ale
  • Belhaven Scottish Ale
  • Weltenberger Hefe-Weissbier Hell
  • Weltenberger Asam Bock
  • Boulevard Pilsner


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Today's Draft List Below: **Beers listed in the Featured section below are also available for growler fills!**

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