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New Arrivals For Tuesday August 9, 2011 (+ some catch up)

Sigh. It feels like summer just started, but the first pumpkin beer of the season arrived today. Normally I'm not a fan of pumpkin beers (which should be called "pumpkin spice flavored beers" since pumpkin flesh is pretty tasteless on it's own), but in this case I'm kind of excited to try because it's sour.  That's right, sour.  New Belgium teamed up with Elysian's Dick Cantwell (master of the pumpkin beer), to create a "Kick", a pumpkin and cranberry sour ale.

We received a couple of other fun treats today:

  • New Belgium "Lips of Faith" Kick - See description above
  • New Belgium "Lips of Faith" Clutch - "Pure rock fury meets Belgian-style brewed folly in this collaboration with Maryland hard-rockers, Clutch. A pronounced bass line of dark chocolate, coffee and black malts bridge the sourness of our dark wood ale for a fluid riff."
  • Left Coast Board Walk Saison - "There is nothing like summer, and no better way to celebrate than with an ice cold Board Walk Saison Ale. The Saison yeast strain provides this brew with a pleasant citrus aroma. Board Walk finishes off with a slight bitterness. Wheat malt balances out all of the flavors keeping this brew silky smooth."

Since I was in the Gorge sweating in the sunshine and rocking out to Phish I wasn't able to list the new arrivals from last week, so here's everything that came in last Friday:

Last but not least, Green Flash West Coast IPA, Imperial IPA, and Le Freak (Belgian IPA) are back in stock after a very, very long absence!


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