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Westvleteren 12 Gift Pack Pre-sale Info

IMPORTANT UPDATE (TUESDAY DECEMBER 11, 2012): Our allocation of gift sets has been sold. If we receive more we will post on twitter (which is also mirrored on the right hand side of this page. No calls, please. If you pre-ordered gift sets, please remember to bring in your receipt on Wednesday when you come to pick them up. No receipt, no gift set.

As you probably know, Westvleteren 12 has been voted the world's number one beer by the readers of both RateBeer and Beer Advocate for many years, and prior to this one-time opportunity the only way to obtain it was to visit the Westvleteren abbey by appointment and purchase one case. Oh, and that case might not even be the coveted 12.

In order to raise funds for the restoration and redevelopment of their abbey the monks of the Abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvleteren have decided to release a special Presentation Pack containing six bottles of Westvleteren 12 and two glasses, with the sale of each pack representing a 'brick' in the abbey's restoration. They have set the price for these packs at $85.30 We are buying them for $85.30 and selling them for $85.30 so that all the money goes to the project.

The release date for the package is December 12. Effective immediately you can pre-buy a gift pack at Belmont Station's beer store. Then any time after 10AM on December 12th you can come in and exchange your receipt for your gift pack so you know you have one and you don't need to worry about lines. This way we can also stop selling them if demand exceeds supply. There are no limits set but it seems reasonable to limit any one person to 3 (that's a lot of money folks!). Please note: We do not have space to store these packs. If you prebuy a pack you or someone must pick up your pack on the 12th with your original receipt (we cannot accept copies). If you use your credit or debit card we will add $3 since the banks aren't giving their $ to the monks!

One final note: We do not ship, and we can not accept credit cards over the phone; you must come into the store to purchase a set.

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