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New Arrivals For Tuesday September 9, 2014

Happy Tuesday beer lovers! One of our deliveries showed up 4 hours late today, so I'm running way behind on everything. Consequently, There won't be lovely descriptions of each beer today, but thankfully Ratebeer and BeerAdvocate are only a click away. New Beer: Widmer/Gigantic Craf [...]

New Arrivals for Friday September 5, 2014

Happy Friday beer lovers! We received a whole bunch of tasty new things today, including three big, bad, black beers from Midnight Sun, because everyone wants imperial stouts when the weather is in the 90's... New Beer: Midnight Sun Barfly - Smoked Imperial Stout Midnight Sun Berser [...]

New Arrivals for Wednesday September 3, 2014

Greetings beer lovers! The regular Tuesday update had to be pushed back a day due to holiday distribution schedules, but considering that we received a big pile of Pumking this morning it's probably for the best. New Beer: Sierra Nevada Ovila Tripel Elysian Great Pumpkin - Strong Al [...]

New Arrivals for Friday August 29, 2014

Happy Friday beer lovers! One of our largest distributors received loads from two different importers this week, so we've got over 35 new items and favorites back in stock! New Beer: Epic 825 State Stout - Sweet Stout Epic /Dc Brau Fermentation Without Representation - Imperial Port [...]

New Arrivals for Tuesday August 26, 2014

You shall not pass! Wait, that was the wrong movie. In any case, the latest entries in the "licensed beer" trend comes to us from Fish Brewing in Olympia, WA with 3 different beers sporting characters and art from The Hobbit. We also received a few other fun things today, including the f [...]


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