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NOTE: Be aware that a lot of kegs prices have changed recently and are subjected to change moving forward. 

Yes, we sell kegs to go! Stop by or give us a call and we will be glad to let you know what's in stock. Due to limited cooler space we only keep a small selection of popular kegs on hand for walk ins, so we highly encourage you to call a few days ahead of time and allow us to order something especially for you.

For information regarding keg sizes, the number of servings in a keg, equipment rentals, deposits, and other important tidbits, please see our keg info and policy page.

SPECIAL ORDERS: For special orders please call us at 503.232.8538 and let us know what you'd like. We get deliveries from most distributors twice a week, but often distributors are out of specific kegs, so we ask that you give us 8-10 days lead time to assure that we can order the keg your want, or find an alternative.

A few final things to be aware of before ordering a keg:

Below is the master list of beer kegs. The list of available cider kegs can be found here.

Brewery/Beer Price
1/2bbl 10 Barrel Apocalypse 240
1/2bbl 10 Barrel Joe 240
1/2bbl 10 Barrel Pearl IPA 240
1/2bbl Alameda Admiration IPA 210
1/2bbl Alameda Blk Bear Stout 240
1/2bbl Alameda Pale Ale 230
1/2bbl Alameda P-Town Pils 215
1/2bbl Alameda Yellow Wolf 210
1/2bbl Alaskan Amber 240
1/2bbl Alpine Windows Up IPA 290
1/2bbl Arch Rock Pistol River 230
1/2bbl Backwoods Little Town 175
1/2bbl Backwoods LogYard IPA 220
1/2bbl Backwoods Mosaic Pale 240
1/2bbl Backwoods Pilsner 230
1/2bbl Backwoods Scaler IPA 240
1/2bbl Ballast Big Eye 230
1/2bbl Ballast Calico 220
1/2bbl Ballast Commodore 240
1/2bbl Ballast Dorado 330
1/2bbl Ballast Even Keel 215
1/2bbl Ballast Grft Sculpin 290
1/2bbl Ballast Longfin 230
1/2bbl Ballast Pale Kolsch 220
1/2bbl Ballast Sculpin 290
1/2bbl Barley B Hand Truck 230
1/2bbl Barley B Pallet Jack 250
1/2bbl Barley B Point Blnk Red 230
1/2bbl Bayern Pilsner 230
1/2bbl Bear Rep Hop Shovel 290
1/2bbl Bear Rep Pace Car 250
1/2bbl Bear Rep Racer 5 IPA 250
1/2bbl Bear Rep Red Rocket 240
1/2bbl Big Sky Moose Drool 220
1/2bbl Blue Moon 215
1/2bbl Boulder Shake 220
1/2bbl Bud Light 170
1/2bbl Budweiser 170
1/2bbl BUOY Czech Pils 240
1/2bbl BUOY IPA 240
1/2bbl BUOY NW Red 240
1/2bbl Burnside IPA 230
1/2bbl Burnside Oatmeal Pale 230
1/2bbl Burnside Permafrost 260
1/2bbl Burnside Sweet Heat 220
1/2bbl Busch 100
1/2bbl Busch Light 120
1/2bbl Caldera Amber 230
1/2bbl Caldera Dry Hop Orange 230
1/2bbl Caldera IPA 230
1/2bbl Caldera Lawnmower 220
1/2bbl Caldera Pale 230
1/2bbl Caldera Porter 230
1/2bbl Clown Shoes Baked Goods 250
1/2bbl Commons Urban Farm 240
1/2bbl Coors Light 165
1/2bbl Coors Original 135
1/2bbl Coronado Easy Up Pale 230
1/2bbl Coronado Islander IPA 230
1/2bbl Crater Lake Rootbeer 125
1/2bbl Dogfish 60 Minute IPA 220
1/2bbl Dogfish 90 Minute IPA 330
1/2bbl Dogfish Indian Brown 250
1/2bbl Dos Equis Amber 210
1/2bbl Dos Equis Lager 205
1/2bbl Elysian BiFrost 240
1/2bbl Elysian Dayglow IPA 280
1/2bbl Elysian Immortal IPA 230
1/2bbl Elysian Spacedust 310
1/2bbl EPIC Escape to Colorado 215
1/2bbl EPIC Hop Syndrome 195
1/2bbl EPIC Tart & Juicy 230
1/2bbl Ex Novo Eliot IPA 240
1/2bbl Ex Novo Mexican Lager 230
1/2bbl Flat Tail Kolsch 215
1/2bbl Flat Tail Little Green 215
1/2bbl Fremont Interurban 240
1/2bbl Fremont Lush 260
1/2bbl Ft George BA Doppelbock 315
1/2bbl Full Sail Wassail 240
1/2bbl Georgetown 9lb Porter 240
1/2bbl Georgetown Bodhizafa 270
1/2bbl Georgetown Johnny Utah 250
1/2bbl Georgetown Lucille IPA 250
1/2bbl Gilgamesh Mamba 215
1/2bbl Golden Val Blad Peak 205
1/2bbl GoodLife Descender IPA 220
1/2bbl GoodLife Pale 210
1/2bbl Goodlife Redside 230
1/2bbl GoodLife Sweet As 230
1/2bbl Green Flash Imp. IPA 290
1/2bbl Green Flash Jibe 220
1/2bbl Green Flash Palate Wrec 340
1/2bbl Green Flash Sea 2 Sea 230
1/2bbl Green Flash Soul IPA 240
1/2bbl Green Flash WC IPA 290
1/2bbl Hamm's 130
1/2bbl Klamath Vanilla Porter 210
1/2bbl Kona Big Wave Gold 240
1/2bbl Kona Longboard Lager 240
1/2bbl Lagunitas Hop Stoopid 280
1/2bbl Lagunitas IPA 240
1/2bbl Lagunitas Pale 230
1/2bbl Lagunitas Pils 230
1/2bbl Lagunitas Sucks 250
1/2bbl Lagunitas Sumpin 215
1/2bbl Laurelwood Mother Lode 190
1/2bbl Laurelwood Pils 230
1/2bbl Laurelwood Red 230
1/2bbl Laurelwood Red Elephnt 230
1/2bbl Laurelwood Workhorse 230
1/2bbl Left Hand Black Jack 215
1/2bbl Lompoc C-Note 230
1/2bbl Lompoc LSD 230
1/2bbl Lompoc Proletariat Red 230
1/2bbl Lost Coast Great White 240
1/2bbl Lost Coast Indica IPA 190
1/2bbl Mac and Jacks Amber 230
1/2bbl Mactarnahan's Amber 230
1/2bbl Mad River Jam Red 195
1/2bbl Magnolia Kolsch 230
1/2bbl Magnolia Provin Grd IPA 260
1/2bbl Maui Bikini Blonde 240
1/2bbl Mazama Mos Hop Eruption 240
1/2bbl Miller Highlife 140
1/2bbl Miller Lite 165
1/2bbl Modelo Especial 205
1/2bbl Modern T. Blazing World 270
1/2bbl Modern T. Fort Islands 240
1/2bbl Modern T. Oneida 270
1/2bbl Mother Earth BooKoo 230
1/2bbl Mt Hood Ice Axe 230
1/2bbl NCB Red Seal 250
1/2bbl NCB Scrimshaw Pils 250
1/2bbl NCB Stellar IPA 280
1/2bbl Nectar IPA 220
1/2bbl Nectar Red Ale 230
1/2bbl Negra Modelo 220
1/2bbl Ninkasi Believer 240
1/2bbl Ninkasi Dawn of Red 240
1/2bbl Ninkasi Helles Belles 240
1/2bbl Ninkasi Total Dom. IPA 240
1/2bbl Ninkasi Tricerahops 230
1/2bbl No-Li Big & Juicy IPA 230
1/2bbl No-Li Big Red,White 230
1/2bbl No-Li Born & Raised IPA 230
1/2bbl No-Li Spin Cycle 210
1/2bbl North Coast Alt Nouveau 240
1/2bbl Oakshire Amber 200
1/2bbl Oakshire Overcast Stout 200
1/2bbl Oakshire Watershed IPA 230
1/2bbl Occidental Altbier 230
1/2bbl Occidental Hefeweizen 240
1/2bbl Occidental Kolsch 240
1/2bbl Occidental Pils 240
1/2bbl Olympia 130
1/2bbl Ordnance EOD IPA 240
1/2bbl Ordnance RX Pale 240
1/2bbl Oskar Blues Beerito 230
1/2bbl Oskar Blues Dale's Pale 230
1/2bbl Oskar Blues IPA 230
1/2bbl Oskar Blues Mama's Pils 215
1/2bbl Oskar Blues Old Chub 215
1/2bbl Oskar Blues Pinner 230
1/2bbl Pacifico 205
1/2bbl PBR 135
1/2bbl Rainier 135
1/2bbl Rolling Rock 135
1/2bbl Sam Adams Lager 240
1/2bbl Sapporo 195
1/2bbl Schooner Hop Vine IPA 230
1/2bbl Session IPA 195
1/2bbl Session Lager (Red) 195
1/2bbl Shock Top Belgian Wheat 190
1/2bbl Sierra Nev Trop Torpedo 250
1/2bbl Sierra Nevada 5 Hop 240
1/2bbl Sierra Nevada Celebratn 240
1/2bbl Sierra Nevada Hop Hunt 230
1/2bbl Sierra Nevada Nooner 230
1/2bbl Sierra Nevada Okto 240
1/2bbl Sierra Nevada Pale 240
1/2bbl Sierra Nevada Torpedo 250
1/2bbl Silver Moon Get Sum 250
1/2bbl Silver Moon IPA 97 240
1/2bbl Snipes Mtn. Ideal IPA 200
1/2bbl Stone IPA 240
1/2bbl Stone Ruination 2.0 280
1/2bbl Sunriver Rippin NW Ale 240
1/2bbl TG Eagle Cap IPA 230
1/2bbl TG ESG 230
1/2bbl TG IPA 230
1/2bbl Uinta BABA Blk Lager 220
1/2bbl Uinta Hop Nosh IPA 220
1/2bbl Uinta Pils 230
1/2bbl Uinta Tang Hop Nosh 240
1/2bbl Victory Hop Devil 210
1/2bbl Victory Prima Pils 210
1/2bbl Victory Storm King 270
1/2bbl Victory Vital IPA 210
1/2bbl Walk. Man Homo Erectus 270
1/2bbl Walk. Man Legacy 220
1/2bbl Widmer Brr 240
1/2bbl Widmer Drop Top Amber 240
1/2bbl Widmer Hefe 240
1/2bbl WildRide Nut Crusher 230
1/4bbl Alameda Admiration 155
1/4bbl Alameda Pale 135
1/4bbl Alameda P-Town Pils 125
1/4bbl Alameda Stout 155
1/4bbl Alameda Yellow Wolf 160
1/4bbl Big Sky Moose Drool 125
1/4bbl Boneyard Incred Pulp 135
1/4bbl Boneyard Notorious 210
1/4bbl Boneyard RPM IPA 135
1/4bbl Bridgeport IPA 130
1/4bbl Bud Light 100
1/4bbl Burnside Couch Lager 135
1/4bbl Burnside IPA 135
1/4bbl Burnside Sweet Heat 130
1/4bbl Caldera Amber 115
1/4bbl Caldera IPA 125
1/4bbl Caldera Pale 125
1/4bbl Coors Light 95
1/4bbl Crater Lake Rootbeer 65
1/4bbl Dbl Mtn Devils Kriek 225
1/4bbl Epic Los Locos 145
1/4bbl Founders All Day IPA 135
1/4bbl Founders PC Pils 135
1/4bbl Full Sail Puckerfest 100
1/4bbl HUB Abominable 150
1/4bbl HUB Gear Up IPA 150
1/4bbl HUB IPA 150
1/4bbl HUB Pilsner 140
1/4bbl Lagunitas IPA 135
1/4bbl Laurelwood Red 110
1/4bbl Laurelwood Workhorse 110
1/4bbl Miller Lite 100
1/4bbl Modelo Especial 110
1/4bbl Mt Hood Cloud Cap Amber 135
1/4bbl Mt. Hood Ice Axe 120
1/4bbl Murphy's Stout -E SANKY 150
1/4bbl Negra Modelo 120
1/4bbl Ninkasi Dawn of Red 135
1/4bbl Ninkasi Helles Bells 130
1/4bbl Ninkasi Total Dom. IPA 135
1/4bbl Pacifico 110
1/4bbl Trumer Pils 135
1/6bbl 10 Barrel Apocalypse 110
1/6bbl 10 Barrel Pray 4 Snow 110
1/6bbl Alaskan Amber 105
1/6bbl Alaskan Smoked Porter 125
1/6bbl Alpine Duet 145
1/6bbl Anchor Liberty IPA 105
1/6bbl Anchor Steam 105
1/6bbl Anchor XMAS 120
1/6bbl AV Boont Amber 100
1/6bbl AV Hop Ottin IPA 100
1/6bbl Ballast GF Sculpin 125
1/6bbl Ballast Sculpin 125
1/6bbl Bear Rep Racer 5 IPA 135
1/6bbl Blue Moon 95
1/6bbl Boulder Shake 110
1/6bbl Boulevard Tank 7 Saison 135
1/6bbl Breakside IPA 130
1/6bbl Breakside Lunch Break 125
1/6bbl Breakside Pils 125
1/6bbl Breakside Wanderlust 130
1/6bbl Brew Dr Ginger 140
1/6bbl Brew Dr Lemon Ginger Cy 100
1/6bbl Brew Dr Superberry 100
1/6bbl Budweiser 65
1/6bbl BUOY Cream Ale 110
1/6bbl BUOY Czech Pils 110
1/6bbl BUOY IPA 110
1/6bbl Commons Urban Farm 100
1/6bbl Crux Cast Out IPA 110
1/6bbl Crux Farmhouse 115
1/6bbl Crux Gimme Mo IPA 110
1/6bbl Crux Off Leash 105
1/6bbl Culmination 4 & 20 130
1/6bbl Delirium Tremens 260
1/6bbl Deschutes Amrican Wheat 105
1/6bbl Deschutes Blk Butte 105
1/6bbl Deschutes Fresh Squeeze 115
1/6bbl Deschutes Inversion 100
1/6bbl Deschutes Mirror Pond 105
1/6bbl Dogfish 90 Minute IPA 160
1/6bbl Ecliptic Phobos 110
1/6bbl Elysian Immortal 100
1/6bbl Firestone DBA 120
1/6bbl Firestone Pale 31 130
1/6bbl Firestone Union Jack 130
1/6bbl Ft George Big Guns 125
1/6bbl Ft George Cavatica 125
1/6bbl Ft George Quick Wit 120
1/6bbl Ft George Suicide Sqz 130
1/6bbl Georgetown Bodhizafa 110
1/6bbl Georgetown Lucille 105
1/6bbl Georgetown Manny's Pale 105
1/6bbl Ghostfish Grapefruit 140
1/6bbl Ghostfish Meteor Shower 140
1/6bbl Gigantic Ginormous 145
1/6bbl Gigantic IPA 130
1/6bbl Goodlife Descender IPA 110
1/6bbl GoodLife Sweet as Wheat 110
1/6bbl Goose Isl IPA 70
1/6bbl Green Flash WC IPA 145
1/6bbl Iron Horse Irish Death 105
1/6bbl Laurelwood Red 110
1/6bbl Lost Coast Brown 100
1/6bbl Melvin Hubert 110
1/6bbl Melvin IPA 125
1/6bbl Oakshire Amber 115
1/6bbl Oakshire Gose To 11 160
1/6bbl Oakshire Overcast Stout 110
1/6bbl Oakshire Watershed IPA 110
1/6bbl Occidental Altbier 105
1/6bbl Occidental Hefeweizen 105
1/6bbl Occidental Kolsch 105
1/6bbl Occidental Pils 105
1/6bbl Off Color Apex Predator 210
1/6bbl Pelican Bad Santa 120
1/6bbl Pelican Dirty Bird 120
1/6bbl Pelican Kiwanda Crm 120
1/6bbl Pelican MacPelicans 120
1/6bbl Pelican Root Beer 65
1/6bbl Pelican Tsunami 130
1/6bbl pFriem IPA 115
1/6bbl pFriem Pilsner 115
1/6bbl pFriem Wit 115
1/6bbl Pono Three Amigos 115
1/6bbl Rogue Dead Guy 115
1/6bbl Sierra Nevada Celebratn 105
1/6bbl Sierra Nevada Hop Huntr 100
1/6bbl Sierra Nevada Pale 105
1/6bbl Silver Moon Get Sum 100
1/6bbl Sunriver Rippin' 110
1/6bbl Sunriver Vicious Mos 110
1/6bbl Victory Prima Pils 100
1/6bbl Widmer Hefe 100
1/6bbl Worthy Dark Muse 130
1/6bbl Worthy Powder Keg 120
1/6bbl Zoiglhaus Kolsch 110
20ltr Asahi -E SANKE 110
20ltr Dansk Viking Blod 560
30ltr Dbl Mtn Hop Lava 140
30ltr Dbl Mtn IRA 140
30ltr Dbl Mtn Kolsch 140
30ltr Dbl Mtn Sweet Jane 150
30ltr Dbl Mtn Vaporizer 140
30ltr Liefmans Kriek -TAP! 290
30ltr Rogue Dead Guy 140
30ltr Rogue Hazelnut Brn 155
50Ltr 3 Creeks Crowd Pleaser 210
50Ltr Almanac IPA 250
50Ltr Bitburger -E SANKEY 195
50Ltr Boneyard BoneAFide Pale 200
50Ltr Boneyard Pavo Pils 205
50Ltr Boneyard RPM IPA 205
50ltr Breakside IPA 230
50ltr Breakside Lunch Break 215
50ltr Breakside Pilsner 215
50ltr Breakside Wanderlust 230
50ltr Breakside Wisco 230
50ltr Crux Gimme Mo 230
50ltr Crux Half Hitch 280
50ltr Crux PCT Porter 230
50ltr Crux Pilz 230
50ltr Crux Stout - NITRO 230
50Ltr Dbl Mtn IRA 210
50Ltr Dbl Mtn Vaporizer 210
50Ltr Deschutes Big Rig 230
50Ltr Deschutes Black Butte 205
50Ltr Deschutes Fresh Squeeze 240
50Ltr Deschutes Inversion 200
50Ltr Deschutes Pac Wonderland 205
50Ltr Deschutes Swivelhead 240
50Ltr Ecliptic Filament IPA 215
50Ltr Ecliptic Quasar Pale 210
50Ltr Firestone Leo V. Ursus 300
50Ltr Firestone Luponic Dist 6 230
50ltr Firestone Pivo Pils 205
50Ltr Firestone Union Jack 230
50Ltr Ft George Big Guns 215
50ltr Ft George Magnanimous 230
50Ltr Ft George Over Dub 215
50Ltr Ft George Quick Wit 215
50Ltr Ft George The Optimist 230
50Ltr Ft George Vortex IPA 230
50Ltr Gigantic High Voltage 240
50Ltr Gigantic IPA 230
50Ltr Gigantic Solid! 230
50Ltr Hofbrau Orig. E SANKEY 215
50Ltr Hop Valley Red 210
50ltr HUB Abominable Winter 250
50Ltr HUB IPX 240
50Ltr HUB Lager 230
50Ltr HUB Mosaic IPX 250
50Ltr Paulaner Hefe - SLIDER 220
50ltr Pelican Bad Santa 215
50ltr Pelican Dirty Bird IPA 215
50ltr Pelican Sun Flare 215
50Ltr pFriem Blonde IPA 215
50Ltr pFriem Citrus IPA 215
50Ltr pFriem IPA 215
50Ltr pFriem Pilsner 215
50Ltr pFriem Saison 215
50Ltr pFriem Single Hop Pale 215
50Ltr pFriem Strong Blonde 240
50Ltr pFriem Winter 205
50Ltr pFriem Witbier 215
50Ltr Radeberger-E SANKY 210
50Ltr Rogue Choco Stout 250
50Ltr Rogue Dead Guy 240
50ltr Sixpoint Bengali 220
50ltr Sixpoint Global Warmer 240
50Ltr Smithwicks -U SYSTEM 210
50ltr Stiegl Lem Radler E-SANK 220
50ltr Stiegl Radler E-SANKEY 240
50ltr Veltins Pilsner 180
50Ltr Warsteiner - SLIDER 205
50ltr Weihen Hefe - SLIDER 220
50Ltr Weihenstephan OG 220
50Ltr Worthy Easy Day Kolsch 205


Bottle Shop Hours:

Mon-Sat: 10am-10pm
Sun: 11am-9pm

Taproom Hours:

Mon-Fri: Noon-11pm
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