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Keg Sizing Information

A barrel (Bbl) is the standard method for measuring kegs of beer. Depending on the brewery, beers are kegged in various size containers, as follows:

If multiple sizes are available from a given brewery they'll be listed on the main keg page, but please be aware that many of the smaller craft breweries ONLY use one size.

Equipment Rental

We rent Sankey taps (a.k.a. party pumps) which work for 95% of American craft beer kegs. We also have Euro Sankey pumps which work for an assortment of European kegs. There is a $18 rental fee for 3 days. We clean and sanitize our pumps after each rental.

We also rent buckets to hold the keg and keep it cold with ice. Unfortunately we do not sell ice. Bucket rental is $12 for 3 days.

PLEASE NOTE: Many imported kegs require more complicated taps such as Euro-sliders, Tri-tips, or Grundys, which we do not carry. F.H. Steinbart's (503-232-8793) is the best local source for specialty tapping equipment, jockey boxes and Co2 tanks. Additionally, some kegs require a special nitrogen/Co2 gas blend (i.e: Guinness) and WILL NOT work with a standard party pump. These kegs are denoted by the phrase NITRO in the description field. If you have a home draught system (aka kegorator) and are interested in tapping some of these special beers, please give Steinbart's a call and they can set you up with the equipment you'll need.

Keg Deposits and Other Charges

There is a $30 deposit for every keg (regardless of size), $60 deposit for every tap, and $30 deposit for every bucket. Taps and buckets are due back within three (3) days from the date of sale, Late returns will be assessed a $2 per day (per item) late fee. Kegorator customers: If you have an empty keg from any brewery currently distributed in Oregon we can take it in exchange for the keg you pick up and you avoid paying any deposit.

In order to get your deposit(s) back, you must bring back the rented items AND your receipt. If you rented a keg using a charge card or debit card, YOU MUST bring the same card used for the purchase. (Don't blame us, it's the law). This can not be stressed enough: Absolutely no deposit refunds without the receipt.

Kegs sales and equipment rental are based on availability. All prices are subject to change without notice. In order to qualify for the cash discount price the entire transaction must be tendered in cash.

Please note: It is our staff's responsibility to transport the keg to the store door. If you request assistance, and staff elects to assist you in loading the keg, you implicity accept all responsibility and liability for any damage or injury which may occur. 


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