Beyond simply selling beer, we want to educate our customers and expose them to the dizzying array of beer, cider and mead available in Oregon. To facilitate this, we frequently offer free tastings, "Meet the Brewer" nights, theme weeks, and other special events. These events offer an excellent way to learn about styles and the brewing process, as well as meeting the folks responsible for creating your favorite beers, meads and ciders. Unless otherwise noted, all events listed as "tastings" are free and open to everyone over 21 years of age.


Anderson Valley 'Put Boont on the Ballot!' Tasting

It's Election Day! What better day to enjoy some awesome Anderson Valley beers?  Their new NW rep, Steve Miller, will be on hand for a tasting among this northern California's canned and bottled selections. Watch this space for the full line-up. Plus, we will be pouring a keg of Nettied Madge Black IPA in the BierCafe. We think the black and bitter profile pairs well with the moods of at least some of the voters! Cheers!


Three Creeks Cans Tasting

Three Creeks Brewing, from Sisters, Oregon, is canning it! Their beer that is. We will be getting some of the very first cans of their delicious Five Pines Chocolate Porter and their Hoodoo Voodoo IPA -- so why not let y'all sample some before taking some home (you *will* be taking some home, trust us)!


Pelican Mother of All Storms Release Party

The fine folks at Pelican Brewing decided to have their annual release party for this highly anticpated, world-class barley wine outside Pacific City, and they chose Belmont Station for this incredible honor! In addition to releasing the 2014 vintage, the Pelican gang will also be bringing 2011, 2012 and 2013 vintages on draft. We will be pouring flights of all four, plus we will offer glasses of the 2014 Mother of All Storms. There will also be big giveaways and a few more surprises!


Coast to Coast Toast 4

Vanberg & DeWulf, who founded the Coast-to-Coast Toast three years ago, was the first company to specialize in importing Belgian beers to the US. The principals of Vanberg & DeWulf (Don Feinberg & Wendy Littlefield) have been tireless champions for Belgian beer and now "honorary Belgians" all from independent family run producers. Although Wendy and Don are now retired from the craft beer industry, we want to honor their legacy by continuing to celebrate the influence they and the beers they've introduced to the market have had on the American craft beer scene. Join us this year in celebrating their iconic work and bidding them farewell. To celebrate this big send-off, we will be pouring Dupont Triomfbier Vooruit, a smoked saison made with the addition of smoked crystal malt, lending citrus flavors of sweet orange peel and grapefruit, balanced with a hint of campfire smoke. Triomfbier was brewed only once before in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Vooruit art center in Ghent, so we are very excited to be able to pour this in the Biercafé!


Northwest Brewing Tasting

Out of tiny Pacific, Washington, population 6,600-ish at the last census, comes Northwest Brewing. The brewery, formerly Trade Route Brewing Company, finds inspiration in the trade routes of old, which is why its brewmaster incorporates exotic ingredients such as ginger when crafting each batch with time-honored brewing methods. Come taste Northwest's Northwest Ginger Pale and Hoppy B (rhymes with "itch) IPA and learn more about this enigmatic brewery.



Only from the collective minds of your humble Belmont Station staff (who shall remain anonymous) and Merchant du Vin's ridiculously silly-yet-knowledgeable Tom Bowers (who shall not remain anonymous) come this holiday extravaganza in the biercafé of beers that are perfect for the holidays. From the office party appetizers to the star of the show at Thanksgiving, these beers are sure to turn every holiday event into a special experience. We have a couple of MdV beers on draft and also will be offering bottle pours of specialty imports such as Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome, Orval, Rochefort, Westmalle and more. Buy a bottle and keep the proper glass! We also will be sharing Belmont Station's owner, Lisa Morrison's, special recipe for CranBEERy Relish, featuring Lindeman's Framboise, to taste and take the recipe home! Watch this space for more details on this super fun, festive event! Bazoodilly-Bop!

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