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For information regarding the number of servings in a keg, equipment rentals, deposits, and other important tidbits, please see our keg policy page.

Cider kegs are only available via special order! Due to low volume of sales, we generally don't keep kegs of cider on hand for walk in sales, so call us at 503.232.8538 and let us know what you'd like. We get deliveries from most distributors twice a week, but often distributors are out of specific kegs, so we ask that you give us 8-10 days lead time to assure that we can order the keg your want, or find an alternative.

A few final things to be aware of before ordering a keg:

Cidery & Product Regular Price
1/2bbl 2 Town Bad Apple 250
1/2bbl 2 Town Ginga Ninja 200
1/2bbl 2 Town Made Marion 235
1/2bbl 2 Town Rhubarbarian 230
1/2bbl 2 Towns Bright Cider 230
1/2bbl 2 Towns Hop & Stalk 320
1/2bbl Ace Pear 260
1/2bbl Ace Pineapple 260
1/2bbl Angry Orch. Crisp Apple 200
1/2bbl Anthem Cherry Cider 205
1/2bbl Anthem Cider 190
1/2bbl Anthem Pear Cider 220
1/2bbl Apple Outlaw Blkberry 290
1/2bbl Apple Outlaw Original 245
1/2bbl Bauman's Logan 205
1/2bbl Blackthorn Cider 210
1/2bbl Blue Mtn Cherry 280
1/2bbl Blue Mtn Dry Creek 245
1/2bbl Blue Mtn Eden Ridge 200
1/2bbl Blue Mtn Raspberry 275
1/2bbl Bull Run Cran. Perry 220
1/2bbl Cascadia Dry 215
1/2bbl Doc's Pumpkin 240
1/2bbl Elemental Apple 205
1/2bbl Elemental Blood Orange 270
1/2bbl Fox Tail Docklands 210
1/2bbl Incline Marionberry 280
1/2bbl Locust Dry 200
1/2bbl Original Sin Elderberry 220
1/2bbl PDX Cider Kinda Dry 240
1/2bbl Red Tank Roughneck 210
1/2bbl Rev Nat Hopricot 290
1/2bbl Rev Nat Newton Pip 300
1/2bbl Rev Nat Revival 270
1/2bbl Schilling Cider 185
1/2bbl Schilling Dry 185
1/2bbl Schilling Grapefruit 190
1/2bbl Schilling Paradise 220
1/2bbl Spire Apple 185
1/2bbl Spire Dark + Dry Cider 250
1/2bbl Square Mile Cider 200
1/2bbl Square Mile Hop Cider 195
1/2bbl Strongbow -E SANKEY 220
1/2bbl Swift Marionberry 245
1/2bbl Two Rivers Bld Orange 215
1/2bbl Two Rivers Huckleberry 200
1/2bbl Woodchuck Gumption 200
1/2bbl Woodchuck Pumpkin 200
1/2bbl Woodchuck Raspberry 210
1/4bbl Ciderboys Mimosa 115
1/4bbl Ciderboys Peach 140
1/4bbl Jester & Judge Pnpple 130
1/6bbl 2 Towns Bright Cider 105
1/6bbl 2 Towns Ginja Ninja 105
1/6bbl 2 Towns Made Marion 110
1/6bbl 2 Towns Serious Scrump 125
1/6bbl 2 Towns Suns Out 140
1/6bbl Ace Apple Cider 95
1/6bbl Ace Pear Cider 95
1/6bbl Ace Pineapple 95
1/6bbl Angry Orchard Crisp 90
1/6bbl Anthem Cherry 110
1/6bbl Anthem Cider 95
1/6bbl Anthem Hops Cider 100
1/6bbl Anthem Pear Cider 95
1/6bbl Atlas Apple 110
1/6bbl Atlas Apricot 135
1/6bbl Atlas Blackberry 105
1/6bbl Atlas Pom-Cherry 105
1/6bbl Blue Mtn Cherry 125
1/6bbl Blue Mtn Dry Creek 100
1/6bbl Blue Mtn Eden Ridge 100
1/6bbl Blue Mtn Gravenstein 105
1/6bbl Blue Mtn Newton Pippen 105
1/6bbl Blue Mtn Wine Sap 105
1/6bbl Bull Run Gravenstein 150
1/6bbl Bull Run Powerhouse 100
1/6bbl Bull Run Strawberry 100
1/6bbl Casc. Cider Dry 90
1/6bbl Cider Riot Burncider 130
1/6bbl Cider Riot Everyday 125
1/6bbl Cider Riot Evrybdy Pogo 115
1/6bbl Finnriver Cran Blk Crnt 160
1/6bbl Jester & Judge Apple 100
1/6bbl PCC Kinda Dry 100
1/6bbl Portland Cider Pearfect 100
1/6bbl Rev Nats Hopricot 130
1/6bbl Rev Nats Newton Cider 130
1/6bbl Rev Nats Revival 130
1/6bbl Schilling Dry Cider 100
1/6bbl Seattle Cider Dry 125
1/6bbl Seattle Cider Semi-Swt 110
1/6bbl Seattle Citrus 105
1/6bbl Spire Dark and Dry 100
1/6bbl Sq. Mile Spur & Vine 100
1/6bbl Swift Dank Hop 140
1/6bbl Swift Golden Equinot 140
1/6bbl Swift Wholesome 125
1/6bbl Virtue Mitten 120
30ltr Elemental Margarita 175
50Ltr Ace Joker Cider 185
50ltr Atlas Apple 185
50ltr Atlas Apricot 195
50ltr Atlas Blackberry 225
50ltr Atlas Pom-Cherry 195
50ltr Atlas Radler 185
50ltr Seattle Dry Cider 230


Bottle Shop Hours:

Mon-Sat: 10am-10pm
Sun: 11am-9pm

Taproom Hours:

Mon-Fri: Noon-11pm
Sat: 11am-11pm
Sun: 11am-10pm

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