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Next Event:

Hof ten Dormaal Fundraiser

Thursday, March 26 -- 5 PM

A farm first, Hoevebrouwerij Hof ten Dormaal is tucked away among the grain fields and meadows. The Janssens family lives at Hof ten Dormaal: André and Mol and their sons Jef and Dries, their daughter Lisa, her husband Stijn and their two lovely children.

While the region is famous for its chicory, or Belgian endive, the farm mainly grows grains and keeps cattle. With the start of the brewery in 2009, the farmers began to specialize in barley -- all the barley that is needed for beer production comes from the farm. In 2010, they started a hop plantation. The brewery is now 99% sustainable; the farm grows its own hops and malt, their water comes from a well on the property and they make their fuel for the brewery from rape seeds grown in their fields. Yeast is the only ingredient they buy for brewing.

Early in 2015, a fire ravaged the farmhouse brewery. The bottling line, warm chamber and a big part of the stock of bottles were destroyed. 

In an effort to help the Janssens get the brewery rebuilt, we will be pouring in the biercafe three Hof Ten Dormaal beers, with proceeds going to the brewery's GoFundMe fundraising site. The beers we will feature are:

Zure van Tildonk: The traditional sour beer uses the wild yeasts found around the farm. This gives the beer a soft, refreshing sour taste. After a year of aging on a barrel this beer is ready for consumption. Each batch of Zure Van Tildonk is carefully aged in our cellars at the Engelburcht Monastery for several months prior to release.

árcáná: A real farm house ale. Malt and raw spelt, as simple as a beer can get but yet so unique in his taste. Brewed together with Stillwater Artisanals

Saison: As a Saison, this is as old school as they get. Lightly sour, brewed only with grain and hops made right here! Brewed for before, meanwhile and after hard labour on the fields!

Please stop by and try these amazing beers -- and help Hof ten Dormaal get back to brewing!

Hours & Location:

  • Bottle Shop: Mon-Sat 10am-10pm, Sun Noon-9pm
  • Biercafé: Mon-Sun Noon-10pm

We are located at 4500 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97215. You can reach us during regular business hours at 503-232-8538. For more information, please see our Contact page.